Friday, December 12, 2008

How did the book of the dead have impact on people?

Some chapters were spells that priest used during people's mummification and funerals(how sad...teardrop) But the rest was a guide to survival in the harsh afterlife; the Book of the Dead promises to reveal the secrets of the underworld. Oohhh Ahhh! It helped guide men and women through terrifying problems. Such as monsters and goblins that could control them, tricks, riddles, and games. But the most important part was the "Negative Confession" which was pretty much the weighing of the heart. But first they had their little paper of sins they had to read for judgement( guess you get judge every where these days) There were two ways to go after the judgement 1. If you failed the weighing of the heart than BAM this nasty little goblin creature comes and eats your heart and then...your gone. But hey there's always a good thing for something bad right..? the answer is YES!! If you had success then you'd be able to live in the afterlife and be able to use the Book of the Dead and it's crazy spells to turn themselves into birds and visit the world of living by day... kinda creepy you could be looking out the window looking at a pretty bird and it could be your GRANDMA!



  2. UUUmmmm what she said.................i think................anyway..............what king of spells?